Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dream Big/Bloom Big - not an UFO anymore.

I had this panel made into a quilt sandwich and left alone for almost a year before I started quilting on it. I was really afraid that I will ruin the beautiful panel with my quilting. But it turned out great and I enjoyed quilting every petal. Calling it Bloom Big. This is a picture heavy post. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Charity quilt 2018

I haven't done a charity quilt this year yet. This is pieced with a quilt kit. The kit came with the teal, white and solid pink 6"squares. I switched the pink squares with the blue flower fabric. It goes better with the teal squares than the pink from the kit. I am also quilting this quilt with ruler foot and a ruler. This is my first time using the ruler foot and ruler. Here I am using Squiggy. Completed this quilt 2 months ago and donated as well. Forgot to take a picture of the finished product to post it for FinishAlong Q4.šŸ˜ž

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dreaming Bigger.

I have drooled over all the free motion challenges and designs that's going on around with Hoffman's Dream Big Panel. When I saw the panel in person, I had to buy it. I got the teal version panel. Don't know if my work will ever match up to the talents out there, but I have to try it for the fun of it. Here to the beginning:

Quilt sandwich basted and threads pulled.

I am thinking a green center with the blue and teal fanning out. I might change my mind about the green threads, not sure of it once it is in the photo. I do want to quilt petals with different designs and not an overall quilting, since that is what got me interested in this panel.

Friday, October 5, 2018


I have a few WIPs hiding somewhere in the closets, drawers, plastic tubs or in the stash. Time to tackle them one by one, so making a list of the ones I am aware of, hoping that these are the only ones. Here we go
1.  This is probably the oldest uncompleted project I have. It's the blocks from Sugar Block Club       hosted by Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock.

2. This one is from 2016. Pattern from the ten degree wedge ruler I have. 

3. The Wayward transparency top yet to become a quilt.

4.  The trees, this one is hiding somewhere. 

5. Dream Big Panel
6. Portrait - Silhouette quilt -

7.  Charity Quilt

It's only 4, hahn. Should I make a timeline or due date for these projects? 
Now there are more projects that I want to make, may be I should make a list of those too. 
Planning to do the Dream Big first. 
Linking up with FinishAlong Q4.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quilters meet and Greet

Hello Everyone, 
I am thrilled to be participating in Quilter's Meet & Greet, hosted by Benita Skinner of There will be a chance to win the amazing Great Grand prize package. 
For those of you who are here for the first time, here is a little bit about how I started my quilting journey:
 I am a self-taught seamstress, mostly did sewing out of necessity. I have sewn pillow covers and did a lot of alterations for Mom. I've also sewn baby clothes and pajamas for my children when they were little. Started sewing some of my garments myself, especially Indian clothing like Salwar kameez and saree blouse. Wanting to improve sewing skills, I took Sewing Certification classes with the thread making company “Sulky” and was introduced to quilting and adding embellishments on a practical level.  By volunteering at Ronald McDonald House quilting group, I learned more about quilting and fell in love with the whole process. After taking a couple of quilting classes online at Craftsy, I started quilting traditionally and as an art-form.  I love the simplicity of modern quilts, intricacy of traditional quilt and the creativity of art quilts. I get my inspiration from nature, fellow quilters and quilting blogs and keep my  passion alive by attending a local monthly quilting group called the “Creative Saturday." Here are a few of my favorites.

Pansy - My first original art quilt

This Pansy quilt is one of my favorite quilt. It is the first quilt I designed it from a photo I took. I had such fun making this quilt.

Black and White quilt

Sampler Quilt

Please visit the other participating blogs and increase your chance of winning at each blog.
The Quilter's Meet and Greet runs till September 30.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Allah Wall Hanging

I started this wall hanging in June 2018 at a quilting retreat. Laid the paper pattern I made a while ago, on top of the black linen fabric and stitched over the outline by machine with light yellow thread. Tore the pattern out and this is how it looked.

Backed with two layers of black fleece  instead of stabilizer.
I used Sulky sun yellow gunold thread to thread paint, free motion style, inside the big arabic lettering which says "Allahu" meaning God.  When I finished sewing it was scrunched a bit because of all the thread. So I added stabilizer to the small lettering  "Jalla Jalaluhu" which means "His Majesty be glorified". Adding the stabilizer was a bad idea as it was super thick and broke many machine needles and because I used metallic thread, it was overheating the machine. After a few tries, I hand sew the lettering with golden embroidery floss.

Hand sewn with gold embroidery thread.