Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tablet Sleeve

I made this tablet sleeve(#1 on my FAL list) for my daughter's tablet using Kaffe Fasset fabrics. She chose the fabric from my stash. I tried to center the beautiful medallion prints on the fabric for both front and back of sleeve. Used velcro for closing. The tab is not centered. I need to fix that when she is home next time. Overall its sturdy and protects her tablet in her bag.

This picture is really blurry. I wanted to highlight the embelishment I did around the small flowers using Sulky Holoshimmer thread in green. It adds a little bit of sparkle.

The lining is also from  Kaffe Fasset collection. I love these fabrics, had these for a while and finally had the courage to cut it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bubble Dress

I have decided to join Project Run and Play's January Challenge, which is a bubble dress or skirt. I am not sure what I want to make whether its a skirt or dress but I have this material picked up for it right now. 
 I made a bubble dress not just skirt. It took a while to decide on the top fabric. First I wanted to use an red or yellow solid fabric, then I found this multi colored dot fabric in my stash and couldn't resist. So here it is. I couldn't get a picture of this dress on my baby, she can't stay still.

This is one of many pictures I tried to get when she was wearing.
I used a knit fabric as the lining for the skirt and sewna ribbon around to hide the seems. This could be worn inside out too if you choose because there are no visible seems inside or out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Finish Along Goals

These are my goals for Finish Along Quarter 1

1. Make Tablet Sleeve for Daughter- Done.

2. Quilted, just need to be bound.

3. Dress for little Daughter- in progrss

4. Outfit for myself.

5. HST Table runner

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lehenga Blouse

I somehow managed to sew my daughter's lehenga blouse which is # 8 on my Q4 FinishAlong goals. This is a silk material so needed to be lined as well. This is my first time sewing a lined blouse.

My daughter trying it on.

Quilt 2 for Ronald McDonald House

The X and O quilt on my Q4 FinishAlong Goals # 5 is finally completed. I wanted it to be a boy quilt, so I replaced the purple squares with blue and yellow from my stash. I only realized while sewing the blocks that there are so many variations in arranging them. For this quilt I arranged all x's and o's in separate rows. I sure would like to experiment with other arrangements. So I will be doing more x and o quilts in the future.
Hung on the window with sun shining through it.

On the floor.

Pieced backing for the charity quilt

I am doing spiral quilting on this quilt. This is my first time doing spiral quilting with walking foot. Well I started with my all purpose foot and switched it to walking foot. I hope it turns out good. I'll be posting the finished quilt in the next day or two.
Spiral quilting starting from the center

Widened the gap between the spirals gradually .

All quilted and bound.