Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Onesie Skirt update and charity Bibs

Last week I made this onesie skirt and was so excited and impatient to try it on my baby, I didn't even write a thing to the post just published the pictures. When I tried it on my baby it would only go through her head and one arm oops!

 I've fixed it by adding a coordinating fabric (didn't have enough of the main fabric) satin stitched a few flowers and most importantly added elastic (doh) to stretch the skirt. Now it fits over her head and arms, yaay. So here is the Re-refashioned onesie.

At Creative Saturday a bunch of us made a total of 18 cute bibs for charity. These bibs are for an orphanage in China for the babies who were rejected because of deformity.

These four were my contributions.

After coming home I couldn't help but make one for my baby and she approved its cuteness by chewing it right away.