Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lehenga Blouse

I somehow managed to sew my daughter's lehenga blouse which is # 8 on my Q4 FinishAlong goals. This is a silk material so needed to be lined as well. This is my first time sewing a lined blouse.

My daughter trying it on.

Quilt 2 for Ronald McDonald House

The X and O quilt on my Q4 FinishAlong Goals # 5 is finally completed. I wanted it to be a boy quilt, so I replaced the purple squares with blue and yellow from my stash. I only realized while sewing the blocks that there are so many variations in arranging them. For this quilt I arranged all x's and o's in separate rows. I sure would like to experiment with other arrangements. So I will be doing more x and o quilts in the future.
Hung on the window with sun shining through it.

On the floor.

Pieced backing for the charity quilt

I am doing spiral quilting on this quilt. This is my first time doing spiral quilting with walking foot. Well I started with my all purpose foot and switched it to walking foot. I hope it turns out good. I'll be posting the finished quilt in the next day or two.
Spiral quilting starting from the center

Widened the gap between the spirals gradually .

All quilted and bound.