Friday, January 17, 2014

Pink and Green Quilt

I finished another ufo, which I've been calling the pink and green quilt. I am changing its name to 'Girly' quilt. I used Jenny Doan's You Tube tutorial on 3 dudes quilt to make the center. The plan was to make the whole quilt that way. But it needed some lightening up as there is too much going on . When I came across the 'Whimsy Wiggly' pattern on Moda Bake shop, I knew that design would be perfect to mellow this quilt. Added a border to anchor everything down and I am pleased with the result although I I messed up on couple of spots. Didn't catch it early enough to redo those mistakes. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the overall look.
Girly quilt for Niece.

Bound with scrappy binding

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The ONE word of the year is emerging everywhere. My word is "CREATE". Sew a little every day to create the quilts or projects that are in my bucket list. I finally quilted couple of my UFOs and this gives me some kind of relief to move on to new projects.
Also trying to conquer my fear to sew garments, starting with baby patterns. I attached snaps for the first time and found out it's not that hard at all. I am still struggling to understand pattern instructions though. Picture taking skills , thatI have none as you can see.
Nine patch quilt for Ronald McDonald House. Right now I am ripping off that awkward line of stitching you see here. It's so tiny and draining my energy.  Talk about things that'll slow you down.

Finally quilted this UFO from 2012.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Goals for 2014

2014-quilting goals
  1. Sparkler quilt- easy quilts spring 2013, pg23-25
  2. Triangle quilt-
  3. Wave Runners- easy quilts Winter 2013, pg 77-81
  4. Basket -use ikea canvas fabric and this pattern- January (applique small motifs to determing the contents of the basket)
  5. Finish calalily art quilt= craftsy- January
  6. Canyon art quilt - craftsy
  7. Rmh quilt
  8. Rmh quilt
  9. Wall quilt
  10. Sew  machine needle keeper - February

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

List and Thread Catcher

Happy New Year! This is the year of making it happen. I have been inspired by several blogs to do more or sew more, read more, exercise more etc. I don't know how they get so much accomplished in one year. For me I definitely want to sew more or quilt more. Nothing relaxes me like sewing especially piecing  a quilt block and putting together a quilt top. Garment sewing stresses me out, especially to set in sleeves. This year I want to conquer that fear which means practice, practice, practice.
I still don't have a sewing room or  a sewing space per say, so I've taken over the dining room. I think because of that I have been able to sew consistently last few months. It really helps to have everything in one place. This year my goal is to sew everyday, even if it's a little. With a baby to take care of I am trying to take a  realistic approach, at the same time I think if I spend a little time everyday consistently, I might be able to accomplish majority of my goals. I already have a list of specific things to sew/quilt this year and a list of other things to achieve. Here is a sample of my sewing list:

Sew Jacket- Houndstooth material/simplicity pattern
Sew  machine needle keeper
Sew wristlet
Make kindle sleeve
Wave Runners- easy quilts Winter 2013, pg 77-81
Make projects from purchased magazines
Make charity quilts atleast one per quarter- one done
Draw designs for art quilt
Try coloring  to audition blocks.
Try a New technique- Embroidery, qayg, fusible art
Enter sewing contest
Sew something challenging - Oblongagon quilt
Make a tutorial
Join linky parties    
Sew to sell using fabrics purchased.
Use accessory feet - ruffler, binding- 

So today I sewn a few scrunchies and  finished these thread catchers.

I think its a good start.