Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Art Quilt

For a long time I have admired art quilts and fabric collages. I did my first art quilt a few years ago by taking the Craftsy class  "Painted Pictorial Quilts" by Annette Kennedy. I enjoyed every part of the class and followed making the project until the painting part began. I learned how to do painting strokes and blending colors etc with great enthusiasm but really got intimidated to add paint to my project. I thought I was going to ruin the beautiful fused applique design. Finally when I did do it I had so much fun and was excited to do more art quilts. It's not a masterpiece but I had to begin somewhere. Since then I have been exploring and reading books about art quilts. I had so many ideas and yet didn't know where to begin until I saw a you tube video by Mariln Lee on posterizing a photo and step by step instructions on how to do an art quilt start to finish. Without giving much thought I posterized a photo I had taken and picked up fabrics mostly from my stash. It was really difficult to find exact matching fabrics to the photo. Here is my project so far:
This is the original photo
This is the posterized image
Pattern drawn on freezer paper using my diy light box.
Making progress.

Working on the lower petals

All fused and ready for painting or quilting.
I am not 100% happy with the dark purple on the lower half of the petal. I am not sure whether I should undo it and use a lighter purple or leave it as is.
Hopefully I can finish this quilt without much delay.