Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finish Along progress

Baby Blocks finished and this is my first finish for FinishAlong Quarter 2. I made the bottom two blocks first without any interfacing. They were soft and squishy. So I made the third block using stabilizer just to make it stackable. It's not that different in look from the other 2 blocks but its definitely not soft . What was the point of making soft baby blocks if its not soft. The first two blocks, that is "C" and "D" blocks score points with my baby and everyone else who's been playing with them more than the baby.
I am almost done with the Oblongagon quilt top. Piecing the hexies by machine was fun and tedious at the same time. My carpal tunnel syndrome was active at its peak. Every 3 or 4 hexagons my fingers would go numb and I need to take a break. There were a few puckers here and there, but I am overall happy with how it turned out. Hope to finish this soon. I will definitely piece hexagons by machine but not sure if I'll do it for large projects. My love for hexagons is still intact though.
After cutting one side of the quilt, I thought of just sewing it to the other side instead of cutting and straightening it. I hope it doesn't make it wonky.

And here just add two half hexies for a straight edge.


Wendy said...

well done on your FAL goal! I love the quilt top, great work. I've never tried sewing hexies by machine

Lorna McMahon said...

Glad your baby and everyone else has been having fun with those cute blocks. I agree.... They should be soft and squishy! Now.... WOW! I am sew proud of you Jereena! You persevered with the hexagons and are almost done! Glad to hear you are still in love with them. Maybe just not with Y seams? Yes, they are tedious... But your design options are now limitless! Lovely work!!!

Jereena said...

Thanks Wendy. This was my first time piecing hexies by machine. I have done hexagons by English paper piecing method, which also numbs my fingers.

Jereena said...

Thanks Lorna for your encouraging words. I do want to make the grandma's flower garden quilt sometime. I am glad I joined the Oblongagonalong even though it took me this long to piece mine.