Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Q3 Finish-A-Long list

Really, where does the time go. I cannot believe that we are on Quarter 3 and I haven't even finished my Q1 list. But I have been sewing a ton of things that are not on my list. 'Write it down and get it done' has taken a back seat. I somehow feel that this time my sewing will be focused on the list first. Most of it from my Q1, that I didn't finish or even started.
Outfit for daughter
Hst baby quilt-Finished backing selected, need to be quilted and binded.
HST quilt -Finished Border added, backing selected, need to be quilted and binded

Need to sew a motivational quote and finish edges and make it hangable.
Wall hanging using the wedge ruler.


Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

That's the thing about lists, sometimes life gets in the way. Good luck with this quarter.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are busy all the time! I like both of the ways you did the HST tops. Best of luck on your finishes.

Judy said...

Love your quilt tops, can't wait to see your finishes!